About me

I’m a security enthusiast from Berlin and have been working in IT-Security since 2009 as a penetration tester, security researcher, consultant and information security officer. I hold the CISSP, OSCE and OSCP certifications. If you want to learn more, please visit my LinkedIn profile or contact me.

About the blog

I run this blog to remember things I encounter on penetration tests, research or ctfs. The notes section is created to quickly lookup commonly used techniques and commands.

Research Interest

I focus on binary analysis, fuzzing and exploitation.


[1] On the Practicality of Symbolic Execution on Binary Code (2018) (German)

[2] Fuzzing mit AFL (2018) (German)

[3] Konzeption und prototypische Implementierung eines Linux-Instrumentierungs-Plugins für S2E (2015) (German)

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I’m most active on hackthebox.eu.

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