Machine List

I collected a list of machines/labs/challenges from various sources here which I think can help to prepare for the exams below. Finding perfect fits is of course difficult, but I tried to filter out machines that are clearly out of scope, don’t fit difficulty wise or are too obscure. The list also just includes machines I have personally solved & has no particular order.

If you have suggestions please let me know! I’ll try to update the list every now and then.


  • Craft (PGP)
  • Hutch (PGP)
  • Heist (PGP)
  • UT99 (PGP)
  • AuthBy (PGP)
  • Reel2 (HTB)
  • Sauna (HTB)
  • Forest (HTB)
  • Re (HTB)
  • Control (HTB)
  • Baby (Vulnlab)
  • Knife (HTB)
  • Drupalgeddon (HTB)
  • Delivery (HTB)
  • Laboratory (HTB)
  • Passage (HTB)
  • OpenAdmin (HTB)
  • Traverxec (HTB)
  • Data (Vulnlab)

Additional Resources


In addition to the list below, everything from the OSCP list doesn’t hurt to solve either.

  • Intelligence (HTB)
  • Pivotapi (HTB)
  • Sharp (HTB)
  • Monteverde (HTB)
  • Resolute (HTB)
  • P.O.O Endgame (HTB)
  • Rastalabs, Offshore & Cybernetics (HTB)
  • Lustrous DC + MS (Vulnlab)
  • Job (Vulnlab)
  • Baby (Vulnlab)

Additional Resources


For the listed machines, only the binary exploitation parts are interesting.

  • Kevin (PGP)
  • UT99 (PGP)
  • Hancliffe (HTB)
  • Bighead (HTB)
  • Rainbow (Vulnlab)

Additional Resources